Saturday, April 02, 2011

The future


fridgee said...

I've been struggling with those same feelings myself lately. I want to do bigger things, and for some reason I was feeling like I shouldnt be proud of what I was doing.
It took some listening to some podcasts to remind of the bigger scale of things by showing me that some of my heroes were right where I am at this point of my career.
Since then Ive just been excited to do what I do

josh bauman said...

This is all so familiar.

I wonder if those feelings only go away when one realizes they are too old for things to change.

I really don't expect to ever lose those insecurities. If I do, I expect it will mean that I'm no longer working.

Very nice comic.

Matt said...

I used to worry a lot about my future (what I would become, what life would be like) and now, after having my sons, I worry more about their futures. I think if you're a worrier, it never really goes away... but it can be a very motivating force.

Jenn H said...

as long as you have a goal (which you prob do), things will happen.